Quits? Ross Ulbricht Agrees To Pay U.S. Gov’t Using $3 Billion In Stolen Bitcoins

If Silk Road (Ross Ulbricht?) rings a bell then you might have heard about the dark web marketplace where you can buy the craziest stuff that you won’t find in “normal” stores or elsewhere because it’s illegal.   The Silk Road marketplace is dubbed to be the first-ever dark web bazaar that sells illegal items online […]

Brian Armstrong: Apple Does Not Allow Features That Makes Phones Crypto-friendly

Apple’s App Store policies, according to Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, have impeded the company’s product plan. He blamed Apple for prohibiting features from their app and overall being unfriendly to the crypto business. Brian Armstrong Bashes Apple On a recent episode of the Superstream Podcast, Coinbase’s CEO and co-founder Brian Armstrong chastised Apple for […]

Bitcoin funding rates show demand to short BTC as $40K becomes resistance

Bitcoin (BTC) consolidated under $40,000 on April 23 as market expectations favored further losses. BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView “Extreme fear” accompanies Bitcoin’s descent to $39,200 Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView followed a bearish BTC/USD after the pair touched $39,200 on Friday’s Wall Street open. Falling in line with stocks, Bitcoin now […]

Is Microstrategy Secretly Selling Off Their BTC Stash?

The story of MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor buying Bitcoins aggressively has continued to make headlines over the last two years. However, according to one allegation, Mr. Saylor may be dumping his thousands of Bitcoins behind your back. MicroStrategy, a Bitcoin-accumulating business intelligence software company, is known to have 129,218 Bitcoin in its possession. This is […]

The New China: Is New York Actually Going To Ban Proof-Of-Work Mining?

The state of New York is about to shoot itself in the foot yet again. First, the infamous BitLicense drew all cryptocurrency companies away and now they’re considering banning Proof-Of-Work mining. Or at least making it very hard for mining facilities and home miners to operate from the state.  The New York State Assembly will […]

Binance Hits Back At Reuters, Claims Data Sharing Report With Russia Is ‘Categorically False’

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has received extensive media notice in recent months. Reuters stated that in response to the Ukrainian government’s call to freeze all Russian cryptocurrency accounts, Binance would block Russian customer accounts targeted by sanctions but not all of them. The crypto exchange was not alone in its stance on account […]

Looking To Invest In A Bitcoin Spot ETF? Here’s The Best Next Thing

The refusal of the SEC to approve a Bitcoin Spot ETF has been an ongoing problem for the crypto space. With the approval of multiple Bitcoin Futures ETFs approved last year, it was thought that a Spot ETF would not be far down the line. This has proven to not be the case as the […]

Crypto indexes offer broad access, but are they profitable in the long run?

The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility and the wild-west nature of the space is, in part, due to many of the assets having small market caps and the 24/7 operational hours of centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). In addition to being high risk, crypto trading can also be a very time-intensive process. […]