ECB needs ‘globally coordinated regulatory action’ on crypto, says official

European Central Bank executive board member Fabio Panetta said lawmakers across the world must decide how to regulate cryptocurrencies based on potential risks. In a written statement for a speech to Columbia University on Monday, Panetta said global policymakers had made some progress in addressing regulatory frameworks on digital assets, but “not swiftly enough to […]

How blockchain technology is transforming climate action

The United Nations Climate Change Conference of November 2021, known as COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland urged the world to commit to curbing contributions to carbon emissions. Achieving a net-zero world in less than 30 years is causing many to turn to blockchain technology, buy carbon offsets, and spark renewed interest in carbon capture. The United […]

Bitcoin sentiment falls into ‘fear’ as BTC price action hits $42.9K breakdown target

Bitcoin (BTC) kept disappointing hodlers on April 7 as the Bitcoin 2022 conference got underway to a limp BTC price performance. BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView Fed prepares $95 billion monthly balance sheet shrink Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView followed BTC/USD as it dropped below multiple support levels to reach its lowest […]

Blockchain Bites: Chase Class Action, 30 Words for Censorship and a Bitcoin Bug

Chase Bank has settled a class action lawsuit brought by defendants who claim the J.P. Morgan subsidiary overcharged credit card fees for crypto purchases. Meanwhile, a new report shows that a million “timelocked” bitcoin transactions are open to a hypothetical exploit, while CoinKite has unveiled a new way to recharge hardware wallets. You’re reading Blockchain Bites, […]

Another Class Action Against Block.​One Alleges Dirty Dealings During EOS ICO

Per a May 18 complaint, more investors are looking to recoup funds invested in the record-breaking initial coin offering for EOS — which netted a total of $4 billion in cryptocurrency. Lawyers for the plaintiffs are calling over $200 million of that money illegally raised.  Conflict with U.S. securities law and investors The complaint alleges […]

Blockchain Bites: Will Crypto See Any of the CBDC Action?

Top Shelf The world is growing more comfortable with the idea of digital assets, with several nations stepping forward today to discuss the designs of central bank digital currency (CBDC) programs.  Speaking at Consensus: Distributed’s Future of Fiat Workshop, central bank executives sent smoke signals regarding CBDC pilot programs. Harvesh Seegolam, of the Bank of […]

Former DOJ Lawyer Says Class Action Cases Will Benefit Crypto

A former Department of Justice, or DOJ, special counsel explains why his firm has brought twelve class action lawsuits against some of the biggest firms in crypto, and how it will benefit the industry in the long run. Jordan Goldstein, a partner at Selendy & Gay, a firm that joined forces with Roche Cyrulnik Freedman […]

Portugal Unveils ‘Free Zones’ for Emerging Technologies in Digital Action Plan

The Portuguese government plans to create “Technological Free Zones” (Zonas Livres Tecnológicas) with tailored regulatory regimes that encourage innovation and experimentation. Unveiled on April 21 as part of the country’s ambitious digital transition action plan, the country’s Council of Ministers pledged that the new zones will be adapted so as to lessen the regulatory and […]

Lead Plaintiff Settles Class Action Targeting $20 Mln ICO for $250,000

In a continuation of ATBCoin’s class action lawsuit over its $20 million dollar Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, the lead plaintiff has filed to settle the case for 1.5% of the total raised. While ATB Coin claimed that its blockchain would be the fastest in the world, ATB’s launch revealed that its technology could not […]

Recent Class Action Lawsuit Could Cost Binance Billions of Dollars

Binance is one of several large cryptocurrency firms named in a series of recent class action lawsuits. If the lawsuits go south for this global company, it could end up costing them billions of dollars. Class action is looking for new members Roche Cyrulnik Freedman has recently brought eleven class action lawsuits against some of […]