Increased adoption of Metaverse NFTs will power the next NFT growth cycle

Metaverses and blue-chip nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are the driving forces behind the dramatic growth in the NFT market. Projects like the Bored Apes, Crypto Punks, Azuki, Clone X and Doodles collections have steadily attracted collectors’ interest in the past year. As a result, these NFT projects have helped the NFT market achieve a growth rate […]

Quantum computing to run economic models on crypto adoption

By many accounts, quantum computing (QC), which uses atomic “spin” instead of an electrical charge to represent its binary 1’s and 0’s, is evolving at an exponential rate. If QC is ever realized at scale, it could be a boon for human society, helping to improve crop yields, design better medicines and engineer safer airplanes, […]

DeFi Giant Yearn Leads the Way on ERC-4626 Token Standard Adoption

Indeed, developers from across the DeFi ecosystem, not just Yearn, are already building on ERC-4626, Santoro said. The standard, first proposed in January and finalized in March, is now being implemented by the likes of Alchemix, Balancer, Rari Capital, Fei Protocol and Open Zeppelin. Source link

Samson Mow introduces new nation-state adoption for crypto in Bitcoin 2022

Speaking at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, Samson Mow, former chief strategy officer of Blockstream, named three new jurisdictions that would be adopting or proposing to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. As told by Mow, the first is that of the Caribbean island Roatán, which is part of Honduras. Honduras Prospera Inc. is […]

HBAR Foundation launch $250M metaverse fund to enhance consumer brand adoption

The HBAR Foundation, a not-for-profit independent organization of distributed ledger firm Hedera Hashgraph, has announced the establishment of a $250 million dollar metaverse fund to drive consumer brand adoption of tokenized Web3 applications. The foundation’s team has identified applications within both the Web3 and Hedera ecosystems building direct from business-to-consumer, and acting as a reciprocal middle-man between […]

Signs of rising crypto adoption in Indonesia

Cryptocurrency investments in Indonesia have seen considerable growth between 2020-2022, with 4% of the country’s population having invested in crypto. In 2021, crypto transaction volumes surpassed $34 billion, according to Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency. This growth has formed a new mindset toward crypto investment, especially in the mainstream media. One example of cryptocurrencies’ […]

Structure to Develop Mobile App to Drive DeFi Adoption

Global trading platform Structure, which aims to facilitate crypto-based lending and investing for mobile users, just raised $20 million from investors and from a private sale of its digital currency $STXR. The company will offer decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto-denominated lending outside of traditional banking, as well as investing in tokenized assets, digital versions of assets […]

DeFi Needs to Be More Accessible for Greater Adoption

Decentralized technologies are about to revolutionize the global financial system and its institutions. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers interesting potential to reduce costs and increase the speed of payments by eliminating friction in terms of technology, contracting and coordination between several parties. DeFi delivers on the promise of faster, better, and cheaper payments, but a number […]

Powers On… Biden accepts blockchain technology, recognizes its benefits and pushes for adoption – Cointelegraph Magazine

On March 9, United States President Joe Biden issued a quite comprehensive executive order that directs no less than two dozen cabinet members, departments and agencies in the government to study the benefits and detriments of blockchain technology for various aspects of the American economy. There has been a considerable amount already written about the […]

Mike Novogratz Pushes Galaxy Digital Course to Drive Adoption of Bitcoin

Mike Novogratz believes that the partnership with the financial education firm CAIS would help kickstart the institutional adoption of Bitcoin. Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, believes that the next phase of Bitcoin adoption is institutional. His company recently partnered with the financial education firm CAIS to train fund managers and financial institutions on […]