BTC and ETH will break all-time highs in 2022 — Celsius CEO

During the recent Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Cointelegraph’s Joseph Hall sat down with Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network, to talk about several topics, including where the Bitcoin and Ether markets are going.  According to Mashinsky, Bitcoin (BTC) received very strong support at around $30,000 to $33,000. The entrepreneur believes that Terra’s recent BTC purchase played a significant […]

Litecoin transactions near an all-time high after gaining ground in consumer finance

The number of Litecoin (LTC) transactions has rebounded to over 140,000 in recent days after falling close to the 100,000 mark in early October. Three days prior, the Litecoin Foundation tweeted about the launch of its LTC Visa ebit card, powered by fintech firm Unbanked.  According to the card’s homepage, potential customers would first register […]

Inflows to Canadian Bitcoin ETFs hit all-time high: Glassnode

Canadian Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) holdings have increased to all-time highs, according to recent research, and spot-based products are leading the way. Canadian Bitcoin ETFs have increased their holdings by 6,594 BTC since January to reach an all-time high of 69,052 BTC held. The Purpose Bitcoin ETF saw the biggest increase in holdings over that time period, […]

All-Time Best-Selling Rapper Just Dropped US$462,000 On a Bored Ape NFT

In early 2022, Eminem, the 49-year old rapper, spent close to $462,000 to purchase a non-fungible token (NFT) of Bored Ape Yacht Club. He also bought the NFT that resembles him for 123.45 Ethereum, changing his Twitter avatar to a photograph of his “NFT self.” Put simply, an NFT is a form of digital art […]

Ethereum Network Use Hits a New All-Time High — Will ETH Price Follow?

According to a recent report by Delphi Digital, the total gas used on the Ethereum blockchain has reached an all time high and it seems like this the figure is set to increase. Gas is the measure used to price fees on the Ethereum blockchain, and the overall use of gas on the network has […]

“It’s Just a Matter of Time” Before BTC Break’s All-Time High, Investment App CEO Says

Aleks Svetski, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin (BTC) investing application Amber, said the asset could be on route to hit its all-time price high once again.  “It’s just a matter of time – there’s a perfect storm brewing and the pressure will have to go somewhere,” Svetski told Cointelegraph in a May 21 email, adding:  […]

New User Registrations on Binance Approach All-Time High Amid Bitcoin Halving

During a fireside chat as part of Consensus: Distributed on May 12, Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive and founder of Binance, said that the top cryptocurrency exchange is seeing a spike in user registrations. Zhao noted that new registrations amid the Bitcoin (BTC) halving have recently approached levels last witnessed at the peak of the […]

3 Straight Record Days Drive CME Bitcoin Futures Open Interest to All-Time High

Open interest for CME bitcoin futures made a new all-time high of just under $500 million on Friday, the third consecutive day of open interest records this week. Significant growth in CME futures demonstrates the intensifying contest between the stalwart institutional trading platform and crypto-native derivatives exchanges like BitMEX.  Over the past month, CME’s bitcoin […]

XRP Price Bottom May Be Here as Bulls Try to Prevent New All-Time Low

While Bitcoin (BTC) is currently showing weakness with the recent retracement from $7,500 to $6,900, XRP price is remaining relatively stable as the XRP/BTC pair is stabilizing.  But it’s not only the price of XRP that is remaining reasonably stable against BTC, but Stellar Lumens (XLM) is also showing strength. Would this imply that the […]