First Mover Asia: Taiwan Chip Manufacturer TSMC Remains a Crypto Skeptic; Major Cryptos Decline

The company, which was burned during the last major bear market, did not mention crypto mining in its last earnings report; bitcoin loses its gains from the previous day. Source link

First Mover Asia: Crypto's Delicate Position in China, India; Bitcoin, Ether Rise

Both countries have ratcheted up regulation in recent months, creating a less nurturing environment for the crypto industry; most major cryptos were in the green in Wednesday trading. Source link

First Mover Asia: What’s in HSBC’s Metaverse Fund for Hong Kong, Singapore Private Banking Clients?; Bitcoin Declines

The financial services giant has been short on specifics, and the mystery underscores the difficulties in defining what belongs in such products; ether also falls. Source link

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Set to Close Week Underperforming Major Japan, China Stocks

Investors in the region were more risk-averse this week amid fresh evidence of the U.S. central bank’s commitment to hawkish monetary policy and an unsettled macroeconomic environment; cryptos were mixed. Source link

Is Malaysia The Next Crypto Capital Of Asia?

Things are going smoothly for Fusang, situated in the Labuan region of Malaysia. Labuan, established in 1990, is being pitched as Malaysia’s Hong Kong. This mid-shore jurisdiction is located inside the nation but is free from its regulations and taxes. Labuan was relatively unknown until Fusang placed it on the map with its digital equity […]

China Considering East Asia Regional Cryptocurrency to Rival Dollar and Libra

Chinese officials are reportedly planning to create an East Asia digital currency to assert more independence from the United States dollar and foster trade relations within the region.  According to a recent Nikkei Asia report, 10 members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the country’s top political advisory body, proposed creating a digital currency […]