What is impermanent loss and how to avoid it?

The difference between the LP tokens’ value and the underlying tokens’ theoretical value if they hadn’t been paired leads to IL. Let’s look at a hypothetical situation to see how impermanent/temporary loss occurs. Suppose a liquidity provider with 10 ETH wants to offer liquidity to a 50/50 ETH/USDT pool. They’ll need to deposit 10 ETH […]

The Metaverse needs to keep an eye on privacy to avoid Meta’s mistakes

Metaverse skeptics fear the prospect of unprotected data and large-scale user surveillance on a scale never seen before. Ironically, the largest company pushing the Metaverse, Meta (previously known as Facebook), has faced its own fair share of privacy scandals in the internet’s current iteration, culminating in Mark Zuckerberg being infamously hauled before the United States […]

What are the worst crypto mistakes to avoid in 2022?

“The Market Report” with Cointelegraph is live right now. On this week’s show, Cointelegraph’s resident experts discuss the worst mistakes you should avoid making in crypto. But first, market expert Marcel Pechman carefully examines the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) markets. Are the current market conditions bullish or bearish? What is the outlook for the […]

3 Crypto Tax Tips to Avoid IRS Trouble

There are many different ways to earn crypto, including mining, airdrops, staking your coins or through earning interest. When you earn crypto in this way, you have ordinary income to report. The amount you report is the fair market value of the crypto you earned when you received it. You should report this income on […]

3 Ways Bitcoin Traders Can Spot and Avoid Crypto Market Manipulation

Unlike traditional financial markets, crypto exchanges are largely unregulated, and virtually every Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto trader is familiar with various stories detailing the degree to which certain aspects of crypto market price action is manipulated.  Despite this, many traders feel like there is little they can do to avoid the whims of whales and […]

One Month Left to Crypto Tax Season — 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

There is only one month left until the United States tax season. After being extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the official deadline to file tax returns is now July 15. If you think that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is all hung up on dealing with the COVID-19 stimulus package and will not carefully […]

Facebook Rebrands Calibra as Novi to Avoid Confusion with Libra

Facebook has re-branded its Calibra digital wallet to Novi which will facilitate instant cross-border money transfer without any hidden charges associated. The Novi digital wallet will launch along with the Libra network. In less than a year after Facebook announced its native cryptocurrency Libra, the company decided to give up its crypto strategy. The constant […]

Calibra Rebrands as Novi to Avoid Confusion With Libra

Facebook-owned digital wallet Calibra rebranded itself as Novi earlier today, sharing new details about the project. The primary reason for the name change was to avoid the confusion with the Libra cryptocurrency, a representative for Novi told Cointelegraph. “When we announced Libra and Calibra last June, we wanted to demonstrate that Calibra, the digital wallet, […]

Why Today’s Weekly Close Is Crucial to Avoid $8,000s

As the weekly close approaches Bitcoin (BTC) price made a quick move toward $9,300 after spending the past 48-hours struggling to hold above $9,200. Traders would like to see the top-ranked asset on CoinMarketCap close above the $9,300 level and earlier this week Cointelegraph contributor filbfilb cautioned that:  If Bitcoin is unable to reclaim the […]