SkyBridge goes all in on crypto, betting on ‘tremendous growth’ ahead

SkyBridge Capital is working on pivoting the majority of its assets under management (AUM) to digital assets, as the sector represents “tremendous growth” for the firm. The hedge fund was founded by former U.S. politician Anthony Scaramucci in 2005, and first delved into Bitcoin (BTC) in late 2020. The firm also has money deployed in […]

Gaming Giant Atari to Use its ‘Atari’ Token for Betting, Gaming and Shopping

Gaming behemoth Atari announced that holders of its Atari token will be able to spend it on betting, gaming and shopping. According to an announcement on June 12, the new offerings for Atari token holders follow a partnership with esports firm Unikrn. With the partnership, Unikrn will get access to Atari’s classic games such as […]

First Mover: Fed Sees No Inflation Through 2021, But Bitcoiners Are Betting on It Anyway

There’s no end in sight to loose monetary policy at the Federal Reserve, and that’s just fine with bitcoin bulls.   Officials with the U.S. central bank, led by Fed Chair Jerome Powell, said Wednesday that the economy is encountering such a drastic toll from the coronavirus that joblessness is expected to remain elevated for at least three years.  […]

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Trading, Betting Platforms with Free Demo Money

Cryptocurrency trading is quite challenging. Therefore some crypto trading platforms provide their users with free demo money to make the first steps easier. Here is the Top-5 of them. Cryptocurrency price prediction isn’t something you can just get into straight away. It comes with a multitude of challenges that you need to be aware of […]

Why Binance and Akon Are Betting on Africa for Crypto Adoption

In advance of her “Crypto Across Emerging Markets” panel at Consensus: Distributed on May 11, Leigh Cuen is writing a three-part column on how cryptocurrencies are used in the developing world. The first installment explored bitcoin adoption in the Middle East. The future of money will be defined by African markets, where cryptocurrency awareness and […]