Bitcoin’s Correlation With Gold-Backed PAXG Token Weakens to Record Low

“This reflects BTC’s increasing correlation with macro stock indices as well as its recent behavior as a risk asset rather than a store-of-value, and points to price turbulence ahead as markets digest the impact of further inflation and liquidity withdrawals,” Noelle Acheson, head of market insights at CoinDesk’s sister concern Genesis Global said. Source link

Quits? Ross Ulbricht Agrees To Pay U.S. Gov’t Using $3 Billion In Stolen Bitcoins

If Silk Road (Ross Ulbricht?) rings a bell then you might have heard about the dark web marketplace where you can buy the craziest stuff that you won’t find in “normal” stores or elsewhere because it’s illegal.   The Silk Road marketplace is dubbed to be the first-ever dark web bazaar that sells illegal items online […]

A Year After Coinbase’s Public Debut, Most Listed Crypto Firms Are Underwater Compared With Bitcoin’s Performance; BTC Retreats From $42K

“That premium has been on the pretext that it would give them a free pass while governmental agencies took their war on crypto to other platforms and exchanges instead, like Binance,” QCP wrote at the time. “If now, a regulated U.S. entity who is offering a product that is already being offered in the U.S., […]

Bitcoin’s 30-Day Volatility Slips to 17-Month Low

For instance, the previous low volatility regime lasted for over two months, from late September to early November, with the cryptocurrency trading mainly in the range of $10,000 to $13,000. The breakout happened on Nov. 5, with prices rallying well above the June 2019 high of $13,800. Source link

This Is Bitcoin’s Biggest Threat In The U.S., Ted Cruz Says

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is public about his positive stand on Bitcoin. On several occasions, the Senator has defended the cryptocurrency from the actions and statements of his colleagues in the U.S. institution. Related Reading | MicroStrategy Deepens Its Bitcoin Bet With 4,167 BTC Purchase Recently, Cruz attempted to expose those trying to oppose and slow […]

Bitcoin’s 4-Year Halving Cycle May Be Dead

Glassnode data shows the 30-day average of the number of bitcoin minted currently stands at 900 BTC, worth $35 million – that’s just 0.14% of bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume of $24.7 billion. The average stood at over 12,000 BTC 10 years ago, above 4,000 BTC between 2013 and 2016, and above 2,000 BTC before 2020. […]

Long Crypto Traders Feel Pain as Bitcoin’s Slide Leads to $430M in Liquidations

Crypto exchange OKX notched up $149 million in liquidations, the largest among all crypto exchanges. Nearly 96%, or $143 million, were those stemming from long positions. Bitmex saw the highest liquidated value, however, with a single $10 million bitcoin position getting closed on the exchange. Source link

Waiting for $40K? Bitcoin’s critical level is already here, says new research

Bitcoin (BTC) is at a “pivotal” point and faces macro forces that could influence it for “months to come,” fresh research says. In its latest market update on April 8, trading suite Decentrader called for more attention to focus on Bitcoin’s “yearly pivot” price. All eyes on the yearly pivot After giving $43,000 support two […]

Interlay introduces new protocol for Bitcoin’s reciprocal relationship with DeFi

Interoperability network Interlay has released a 21-page technical whitepaper, titled XCC: Theft-Resilient and Collateral-Optimized Cryptocurrency-Backed Assets, advocating for the imminent development of cross-blockchain interoperability solutions to unlock a plethora of potential within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. As a Polkadot (DOT) parachain, Interlay is focusing its efforts on opening pathways of communication and interaction between […]