How can blockchain tech change ratings

The concept of lending and borrowing is as old as time itself. Regarding finances, while some individuals have more than enough for themselves, others barely have enough to get by. As long as there is this imbalance in finance distribution, there will always be a need to borrow and a desire to lend. Lending involves […]

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calls cryptocurrency CO2 emissions a ‘growing concern’

The United Nations arm aimed at assessing the science related to climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, has named crypto among technologies that may require greater energy demands. According to a report released on Monday, the IPCC said cryptocurrencies, as part of the infrastructure around data centers and information technology systems […]

Ripple & Greenpeace Join Forces For Curious Campaign To Change Bitcoin To PoS

Disclaimer: The following op-ed represents the views of the author, and may not necessarily reflect the views of Bitcoinist. Bitcoinist is an advocate of creative and financial freedom alike. Who’s Chris Larsen trying to fool? Even though the Chairman of Ripple claims that “the company is not involved in this campaign,” their latest PR stunt […]

$10M Investment From Tether Won’t Change Celsius’ Mission of Sharing

Tether (USDT) makes a $10 million equity investment in the crypto lending platform Celsius Network (CEL) at a $120 million pre-money valuation, bringing the post-money valuation to $150 million.  The company has raised $30 million in its first equity round. In 2018, Celsius completed a $50 million ICO. Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky told Cointelgraph that […]

How Blockchain Will Fundamentally Change the Human Experience – Cointelegraph Magazine

From the invention of the wheel to the printing press, new technology has changed the human experience. Our comprehension of the world is no longer limited to a village. Our collective knowledge grows by inconceivable exabytes of data every day. And our memories, our very recollections of the events that shape our lives, are changing […]

American Gaming Association Urges Policy Change on Digital Payments

The culmination of a year and half of work, the American Gaming Association has proposed a set of updated policy guidelines for casino payments.  The proposition looks to let visitors fund their activities at gambling establishments via digital avenues instead of allowing only physical fiat currency, said a statement Tuesday.  It remains unclear whether the AGA […]

Unilever to Use Blockchain to Tackle Deforestation, Invests $1B in Climate Change

Unilever first started thinking of environment-friendly policy and fighting climate change back in 2010. At that time, it set its first climate target. By 2039, 11 years before the 2050 Paris Agreement deadline, Unilever plans to achieve net-zero emissions. British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company Unilever NV (AMS: UNA) is making a significant contribution to fight […]

Bitcoin Market Dynamics See Change After BTC Reward Halving

One month has passed since the 2020 Bitcoin (BTC) miner reward halving, and a lot has happened for the predominant cryptocurrency since then. From changes in investor and trader behavior to an exponential growth in institutional interest, the halving seems to have marked the start of a new reality for all Bitcoin market participants. Although […]

How Crypto Can Change Political Landscape

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin joined the discussion of how the political sphere can change under the influence of cryptocurrencies. On Monday, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin joined New York congressional candidate Jonathan Herzog and author and activist Glen Weyl in a live YouTube broadcast to discuss several pressing matters affecting our social settings. The three talked […]