Monero community reaches consensus for July hard fork

As told by Monero (XMR) developers over the weekend, on July 16, the Monero network passed a community consensus to initiate a mainnet hard fork at block height 2,668,888. The popular privacy coin’s hard fork will include increasing the chain’s ring size from 11 to 16, adding view tags to outputs to reduce wallet scanning […]

Community tries to understand why

The Bitcoin Lightning Network integration started to take off among the cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. However, some of the world’s largest crypto trading platforms seemingly are not in the hurry to integrate the protocol. Last week, Robinhood crypto trading app became the latest major industry player to announce the Lightning integration, following in the footsteps of BitPay […]

Wikimedia community supports proposal to stop foundation from accepting crypto donations

Requests for comments on a proposal urging the Wikimedia Foundation to stop accepting donations in cryptocurrency have closed, with the majority of users voting in favor. According to a Tuesday update on the proposal, roughly 71%, or 232 out of 326, Wikimedia contributors who responded requested that the Wikimedia Foundation — the nonprofit that hosts […]

Shopify Bitcoin payments integration triggers legal questions from the community

Following the announced integration of the payment app Strike with e-commerce platform Shopify to accept Bitcoin (BTC) through the Lightning Network, the crypto community raised concerns over the legal implications of the move.  Crypto researcher Matt Ahlborg believes that the event is a very significant development for BTC as it allows the offloading of BTC […]

Monero community concerned as leading mining pool nears 51% of ecosystem’s total hash rate

On Tuesday, privacy coin Monero (XMR) mining pool MineXMR’s hash rate surpassed over 1.4 GH/s, accounting for 44% of the hash rate of the XMR network. MineXMR has about 13,000 miners and charges a 1% pool fee. According to a screenshot from last August, the pool only contributed to 34% of the hash rate […]

Crypto Twitter unites to raise funds for community member’s cancer treatment

When a respected member of Crypto Twitter and the Deadfellas nonfungible token (NFT) community detailed the immense financial burden of his cancer treatment, the crypto community demonstrated its kindness and generosity by donating over $73,000 in funds. Yopi, known as @kuiyopi on Twitter, joined the crypto ecosystem in July 2021. He discovered that crypto served as a welcome […]

Community answers the ultimate question

When traders get enough money for life from their Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), or any crypto trading plays, what comes next? Crypto-savvy Reddit users shared their best ideas in a lively subreddit. A user who goes by the tag u/LifeReboot shared how a stroke of luck led to less satisfaction than expected. Because […]

Vitalik Buterin is worried about Ethereum — Here’s how the community responded

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed his concerns about the blockchain’s future in a recent interview, and attendees of the recent ETHDubai event voiced mixed sentiments toward his perspective on crypto’s perils. In an interview with Time magazine, Buterin pointed out some of his worries regarding the network, including it being populated by players who are only […]

Blockchain Community Sounds off in Support of Juneteenth

Juneteenth, a day which marks the end of slavery in the United States, has been commemorated every June 19 since 1867. It is especially relevant today, amid a wave of protests against racism following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other innocent people of color. Blockchain community praising the day Many in […]

Ethereum Miners Vote to Increase Gas Limit, Causing Community Debate

Ethereum (ETH) miners are currently voting to expand the block gas limit from 10,000,000 to 12,500,000 gas, according to a recent tweet from Bitfly, the parent company of Ethermine pool. What is gas and the gas limit? Gas is a unit that measures the amount of computational effort required to send a transaction or perform […]