From Australia to Norway, Contact Tracing Is Struggling to Meet Expectations

Researchers in Australia have identified a bug that caused that country’s contact tracing app to malfunction, it was announced Monday.  Governments around the world have introduced contact tracing apps to track the spread of the coronavirus. But, as in Australia, so far it’s unclear how much of a benefit these systems are having. Critics complain […]

Minnesota Official Alarms Privacy Advocates With Contact Tracing Comments

At a press conference Sunday Minnesota Department of Public Safety commissioner John Harrington compared the methods police were using to identify protestors to those used to track COVID-19 cases.  We’ve “begun analyzing the data of who we have arrested, and begun, actually, doing what you would think as almost pretty similar to our COVID. It’s contact […]

Bharathan: How Contact Tracing Can Be Effective While Guarding Privacy

Vipin Bharathan is chair of the Hyperledger Identity Working Group where he researches solutions for privacy in public settings. As the nCovid-19 virus has spread unchecked in the U.S., complete shutdowns are the adopted solution. Contact tracing and isolation along with the necessary corollary, testing, are needed for opening the economy safely and to prevent […]

Citizen App’s New Contact Tracing Feature Raises Privacy Red Flags

Citizen, the mobile application that alerts its more than two million users to crime and disaster around them, has launched a contact tracing functionality, called SafeTrace, in the fight against the coronavirus. Now it’s just a matter of the New York City-based startup finding a customer for the product, which has raised privacy red flags […]

How to Keep Data Private With Google and Apple’s Contact Tracing App

In a rare instance of cooperation, Google and Apple, two pillars of the global tech industry, announced a joint effort to create a COVID-19 exposure tracing application for mobile phones in conjunction with world governments. The app, which is set to be available on both Android and iOS phones, relies on Bluetooth technology to warn […]

European Contact Tracing Consortium Faces Wave of Defections

European researchers are raising alarms over the direction of contact tracing in the European Union (EU), amid concerns that countries like France and Germany could choose a centralized system that puts personal privacy at risk.  The group of academics, organizations, and companies helping develop the underlying technology for a number of EU nations, known as […]