Here is why Germany is ranked the most crypto-friendly country

In her monthly Expert Take column, Selva Ozelli, an international tax attorney and CPA, covers the intersection between emerging technologies and sustainability, and provides the latest developments around taxes, AML/CFT regulations and legal issues affecting crypto and blockchain. Germany has risen to the top spot of Coincub’s guide to the most crypto-friendly countries in Q1 […]

Is Germany Truly The No. 1 Crypto-Friendly Country? Perhaps Not.

According to a research conducted by digital asset exchange aggregator Coincub, Germany was the most crypto-friendly country in the first quarter of this year. Singapore, the previous leader, has fallen to second place, while the United States has climbed to third. Germany was ranked fourth last year on Coincub’s list of the most crypto-friendly country. […]

US investors realized 6X more crypto gains in 2021 than next country

Crypto investors from the United States realized crypto gains nearly six times higher in total than the UK, the second highest country in terms of realized gains.  According to a report by Chainalysis, crypto investors in the US accrued a record $46.9 billion in realized gains throughout 2021, leading the rest of the world by […]

Unless Outlawed, Every Country Recognizes Crypto Payments

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Albert Isola, Gibraltar’s minister for digital and financial services, argued that every country that respects contract laws recognizes crypto payments in the absence of regulation that prohibits them. On the question of whether Gibraltar legally recognizes crypto-asset payments, Minister Isola stated: “Yes. [T]he transfer of crypto assets and crypto […]

Russian Embassy Asks France to Put Vinnik Under House Arrest in Home Country

Russian authorities are not stopping their efforts to help Alexander Vinnik — an alleged fraudster who is accused of laundering as much as $4 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) — to return to his homeland. In another attempt to extradite Vinnik, the Russian Embassy reportedly requested that France place the alleged former BTC-e operator under house […]