Australian prudential regulator releases roadmap for cryptocurrency policy

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, or APRA, published a letter to regulated entities Thursday setting out risk management expectations and a policy roadmap for the regulation of crypto-assets through 2025. “While activities associated with crypto assets are still relatively limited in Australia, the potential scale and risks of such activities could become significant over time,” […]

IMF global financial stability report sees complex roles for cryptocurrency, DeFi

According to the International Monetary Fund’s Global Financial Stability report released Tuesday, the war in Ukraine — following hard on the heels of the coronavirus pandemic — has led to a tightening of global financial conditions. Rapid changes in fintech and the uses and misuses of cryptocurrency play into the jumble of challenges facing the […]

Monero’s former maintainer arrested in the US for allegations unrelated to cryptocurrency

Riccardo Spagni, the former maintainer of the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency, was arrested last month in Nashville, Tennessee on fraud charges tied to alleged offenses in South Africa between 2009 and 2011.  Spagni was on board a private jet scheduled to fly to Los Cabos, Mexico when he was apprehended in Nashville during a scheduled refueling […]

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calls cryptocurrency CO2 emissions a ‘growing concern’

The United Nations arm aimed at assessing the science related to climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, has named crypto among technologies that may require greater energy demands. According to a report released on Monday, the IPCC said cryptocurrencies, as part of the infrastructure around data centers and information technology systems […]

UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund Makes Its Largest-Ever Investment

Today eight technology companies from seven different emergent economies will receive an investment of Ethereum cryptocurrency from the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund. UNICEF’s crypto-enabled investment vehicle has given these companies 125 ETH, worth approximately $28,600, to use in scaling or prototyping their respective technologies over the next six months. Companies receiving this investment have already received […]

Cryptocurrency Kin Confirms Blockchain Migration

Almost a month after announcing its proposal to migrate to the Solana Blockchain, the Kin cryptocurrency project announced Friday the move had been approved by its board and community, and a transition plan would be released in the coming weeks. The Kin Foundation said in a press release the move to Solana’s blockchain was in […]

Regulation and Legislation of Cryptocurrency

In this article, we will take a look at the role that cryptocurrencies play today and at the changes that may happen for them in the future. More and more things are going online these days and monetary transactions and business are no exception. You have probably heard about cryptocurrency and all the potential it […]

How Cryptocurrency Can Help in Paying Universal Basic Income

Due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, millions of people have lost all or part of their income. To support them, governments have been giving out money to victims. Is it possible to make this practice permanent? And if so, why will we need state digital currencies? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the United States, […]

South Korea’s Finance Minister Confirms Plan to Tax Cryptocurrency

The South Korean Finance Minister, Hong Nam-Ki, announced plans to impose a tax on cryptocurrency, while speaking to the parliamentary finance committee on June 17. According to a report from local news outlet, Korea JoongAng Daily, the ministry will reveal further details of the plan next month. Hong told the committee that the government: “Has […]

China Considering East Asia Regional Cryptocurrency to Rival Dollar and Libra

Chinese officials are reportedly planning to create an East Asia digital currency to assert more independence from the United States dollar and foster trade relations within the region.  According to a recent Nikkei Asia report, 10 members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the country’s top political advisory body, proposed creating a digital currency […]