The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 20 – Goat Soup’s Dark Night Of The Soul

Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: It’s been a rough couple of months for the Goat Soup project. The immense star power of Andy Milonakis wasn’t enough to make it an instant success, and the NFT’s utility is taking longer than a portion of the public expected. As he usually does, Milonakis has been […]

Ethereum’s Dark Underbelly Shows That Even in Crypto, Trust Matters

As those projects come and go, reaching or missing their confined, self-interested little metrics, Ethereum is still here. To a degree that’s rarely acknowledged, that’s because Buterin, even in the very early days, insisted on principles of openness, accessibility and fairness. Moreover, it seems clear he understood his power and didn’t hesitate to flex it […]

Dark Tetrad: Study Shows Crypto Investors Have The Worst Personality Traits

A study conducted by a team from Queensland University of Technology consisting of top professors and lecturers, have discovered that crypto investors commonly have a set of four negative personality traits referred to as “the dark tetrad.” What exactly are these negative personality traits, and how do we see them present in the cryptocurrency community? Lets […]

Feds Seize $34 Million In Bitcoin From Dark Web Seller – One Of The Biggest Seizures In US

Miami, a city known for its opulent lifestyles and cryptocurrency-friendly laws and mayor, has seen one of the most aggressive crackdowns on cybercriminals using bitcoin. Federal prosecutors confiscated roughly $34 million in cryptocurrency from a man in the southeastern part of Florida. The bitcoin fortune was amassed by a Parkland resident suspected of exploiting the […]

Law Enforcement Is Starting to Make Criminals Doubt the Dark Web

A new study revealed that the dark web marketplace users are starting to lose trust due to the authorities’ crackdown and “current volatility” within the landscape, which results in instability for the darknet sites to establish a fixed presence. According to cybersecurity company Trend Micro on June 7, crackdowns on marketplaces Dream Market, Wall Street […]

Hacker Steals Database of the Largest Hosting Provider on the Dark Web

Reports emerged on May 31 about a hacker that stole and leaked the database of Daniel’s Hosting (DH), the largest free web hosting provider in the darknet, and the home of several crypto-related forums and stores. The hacker —under the pseudonym “KingNull”— also claims to be part of the Anonymous collective and reportedly got the […]

Blockchain and Smart Contracts Have a ‘Dark Side’, Says Researcher

Blockchain technology crystallizes the rise of “algorithmic power” that today presents a major challenge to traditional forms of sovereignty, legal authority and state-led governance.  So goes the argument in a new post for the Oxford University Faculty of Law blog on June 1 by Kevin Warbach, a professor of legal studies and business ethics at […]

Dark Web Merchants Sell Thousands of Stolen Credit Card Numbers

New research by cybersecurity firm, Cyble Research Team, revealed that on May 29, data for more than 80,000 credit cards were put up for sale on the dark web. The data from these cards appears to have been gathered from various countries around the world. According to the announcement, the data leak involved credit card […]

Bitcoin Activity on the Dark Web Grew by 65% in Q1 2020, Says Study

A study from Crystal Blockchain Analytics on May 19 shows that the total USD value of Bitcoins transferred on the dark web rose by 65% ​​in Q1 2020, despite a decline in transactions during the same period in 2019. According to the report, the total value of Bitcoin (BTC) transacted represented a 340% growth over […]