ECB needs ‘globally coordinated regulatory action’ on crypto, says official

European Central Bank executive board member Fabio Panetta said lawmakers across the world must decide how to regulate cryptocurrencies based on potential risks. In a written statement for a speech to Columbia University on Monday, Panetta said global policymakers had made some progress in addressing regulatory frameworks on digital assets, but “not swiftly enough to […]

ECB executive board member talks about current state of digital euro CBDC research

European Central Bank executive board member Fabio Panetta provided an overview of the central bank’s current research on a retail central bank digital currency Friday when he spoke at the IESE Business School Banking Initiative Conference on Technology and Finance. Panetta said the issuance of central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, is “likely to become […]

Rumor ECB Eyeing $500B Debt Quarantine in ‘Bad Bank’

The European Central Bank (ECB) may be fearing default as rumors circulate that it plans to plant at least half a trillion euros of “bad” debt in a “bad bank.” As Reuters reported on June 10 citing two people familiar with the matter, the ECB now wants to quarantine its financial junk. ECB praises “useful” […]

‘Stack Sats’ Bitcoin Figure Tells Europe as ECB Prepares $1.5T Bailout

Another day, another trillion dollars — the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced it will double its coronavirus purchase program to €1.35 trillion to the dismay of Bitcoin (BTC) proponents.  In a press release on June 4, the ECB became the latest central bank to up its controversial response to coronavirus, adding €600 billion to […]

First Mover: ECB Stimulus May Offer Market Hope After Bitcoin Fails (Again) to Break $10K

As bitcoin struggles to break out of the range it’s largely been stuck in for more than a month, some investors are looking ahead to Thursday’s European Central Bank meeting for fresh monetary stimulus that might underscore the cryptocurrency’s potential as an inflation hedge.  Prices for bitcoin shot up 8% on Monday to a three-month […]

Virtual Consensus 2020 Kicks Off With ECB Official Discussing CBDC

Major cryptocurrency event, Consensus 2020, has officially kicked off in virtual mode. Consensus: Distributed, Coindesk’s first ever fully virtual conference, featured European Central Bank (ECB) key legal official, Yves Mersch, as the first speaker. On May 11, ECB board member Mersch delivered an exclusive keynote devoted to central bank digital currencies (CBDC), a central bank […]

Central Bank Crypto Still 10 Years Away, Says Former ECB Vice President

Former Banque de France governor, Christian Noyer, suggested that a consumer-focused central bank digital currency (CBDC) could still be 10 years away, despite current interest from over 50 central banks. However, he did predict that digital payments between commercial banks will happen fairly soon, according to an article on Interest, But ‘Clear Hesitation’ Noyer […]