Sustainable energy usage for BTC mining grows nearly 60% in a year

Bitcoin (BTC) mining companies are further adopting green energy as the global Bitcoin mining industry increased its sustainable energy mix by approximately 59% year over year. The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) is group of 44 Bitcoin mining companies claiming to represent 50% of the global Bitcoin network, or 100.9 exahash (EH). It released a new […]

This Earth Day analysts say Bitcoin mining is naturally gravitating to green energy

April 22 is Earth Day and with environmental sustainability one of the key topics in the global debate surrounding Bitcoin mining, analysts say the industry has begun to naturally gravitate towards cleaner and cheaper energy sources. According to a January report by the Bitcoin Mining Council, by Q4 2021, the global Bitcoin mining industry ran […]

Flared-Gas Bitcoin Miner Crusoe Energy Raises $350M Series C

“This capital will enable Crusoe to deploy Digital Flare Mitigation at greater scale, to use its solution to accelerate renewable energy deployment, and to continue innovating its industry-leading technology,” said Ben Kortlang, partner at G2 Venture. “After a deep dive into flare mitigation and modular data center technologies, we concluded that Crusoe is the clear […]

Blockchain and oracles can help clean energy transition, study claims

New dynamics in the energy sector are compelling providers to shift to sustainable and clean energy to combat climate change. While many challenges accompany the clean energy transition, a report claims that blockchain has the potential to help the industry achieve its climate action goals.  The report, titled “Managing Climate Change in the Energy Industry […]

Iran to stiffen penalties for illegal use of subsidized energy in crypto mining

The Iranian government will increase penalties for the use of subsidized energy in crypto mining. The move marks another step in the tightening of mining regulation in the country that had faced energy shortages in recent years.  On April 16, the Tehran Times reported, citing the country’s Power Generation, Distribution, and Transmission company, that the government […]

The blockchain projects making renewable energy a reality – Cointelegraph Magazine

Much has been said about Bitcoin‘s carbon emissions. Far less has been said about the potential of blockchain to increase the efficiency of renewables by transparently managing supply and demand. Blockchain doesn‘t pose a threat to the planet — it’s going to play an essential role in helping to bring about a net-zero carbon emission […]

Twitter debates the role of renewable energy in Bitcoin mining

It all started with a tweet by Dennis Porter, a podcast host and self-described Bitcoin advocate, that led to a heady discussion about renewable energy and the role of Bitcoin miners. Porter asserted that Bitcoin (BTC) creates incentives to build out renewables, but environmental scientist Peter Gleick rebuffed the statement as a “self-serving lie.”  The […]

Power Ledger’s Blockchain P2P Energy Trial ‘Technically Feasible,’ It Says in New Report

A solar energy trading trial run by blockchain startup Power Ledger has found the initiative to be “technically feasible” for real world use. The trial, which was partly funded by the Australia government, surveyed 48 households in Fremantle, Western Australia and found blockchain energy peer-to-peer energy (P2P) trading delivered lower costs “desired by consumers.” “Power […]

Blockchain P2P Energy Trading Proves Workable and Popular in Australian Test

An Australian government-backed trial of peer-to-peer solar trading using blockchain technology has found that the technology is popular with users and technically feasible. The trial, which ran between Dec. 2018 and Jan. 2020, was part of the RENeW Nexus Project, which investigated the potential of localized two-sided energy markets and blockchain technology to improve the […]

South African Solar Energy Blockchain Startup Raises $3 Million, Plans to Expand Across Continent

South African blockchain peer-to-peer renewable energy platform Sun Exchange obtained a $3 million investment from ARCH Emerging Markets Partners, thereby closing its $4 million Series-A funding round, according to a statement issued today. Sun Exchange allows international clients to buy remotely-located solar cells — either with Bitcoin (BTC) or South African Rand — and then […]