European Commission opens new consultation on digital euro

The European Commission is calling for financial services specialists to weigh in on the potential rollout of a digital euro. In a Tuesday notice, the European Commission’s Directorate‑General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union said it would be preparing an assessment of the central bank digital currency based on the expected impact […]

When Ferrari? Tokenized Supercar Gives European Investors Exposure to Asset Class

Crypto startup CurioInvest is selling tokens for a rare supercar valued with a $1.1 million hard cap. The tokens represent a limited-edition 2015 Ferrari F12 TDF, a supercar that in 2016 was valued around $450,000, but which was listed at auction in Los Angeles for more than $1.5 million just eight months later. Rey Fernando […]

Coinbase Announces Tezos Staking Rewards for Four European Countries

After its successful experiment of launching Tezos staking in the U.S. last year, Coinbase plans to bring this service to four European countries. With the failure of traditional investment vehicles to give good returns to investors, crypto staking is seeing demand in the financial market. San Francisco-based crypto trading platform Coinbase is now expanding its […]

Coinbase Extends Tezos Staking Rewards to 4 European Countries

Coinbase is expanding its Tezos staking service to select European countries. The San Francisco-based exchange announced Thursday that users in the U.K., Spain, France and the Netherlands would now be able to stake Tezos through its proprietary staking service. “Coinbase is offering an easy, secure way for U.K. and certain [European Union] customers to actively […]

European Commission Unveils Plans for 750B Euro Fund to Support EU

The 750 billion euros EU recovery fund is said to include 500 billion euros in grants and 250 billion euros in loans. The European Commission revealed its plans for a 750 billion euro ($826.5 billion) recovery fund as the whole EU region faces the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. The plan is to borrow […] Opens MCO Visa Card to European Union said Friday it has begun shipping its crypto-to-fiat card, the MCO Visa, across the European Union. In total, 31 European countries, including the EU’s 27 member states, now have access to the card that lets users pay in crypto, it said in a blog post. The Hong Kong company received approval to bring the […]

Main Barrier to CBDC Is Philosophy Not Tech, Says European Central Bank Rep

A number of countries such as China and Sweden are already experimenting with central bank digital currencies, which are also referred to as CBDCs. The implementation of this new type of money requires a number of aspects including technology advancement and specific regulation. According to a key official at the European Central Bank, the main challenge of […]

European Central Bank Calls for Proactive Stablecoin Regulation

In a recent in-depth report on global stablecoins, the European Central Bank, or ECB, pushed for clear regulatory parameters for stablecoins, citing risks as well as gaps in current regulations.  “In order to reap the potential benefits of global stablecoins, a robust regulatory framework needs to be put in place in order to address these […]

European Contact Tracing Consortium Faces Wave of Defections

European researchers are raising alarms over the direction of contact tracing in the European Union (EU), amid concerns that countries like France and Germany could choose a centralized system that puts personal privacy at risk.  The group of academics, organizations, and companies helping develop the underlying technology for a number of EU nations, known as […]