From The Ground: The Bitcoin 2022 Conference In Tweets From The General Public

It’s time to close our Bitcoin 2022 coverage with the most fun people of all, the general public. How did they experience bitcoin’s biggest event of the year? What insights did they get? What panels do they recommend? This article is going to be jam-packed with information, interesting opinions, praise, videos, and pictures. Get some […]

Four years on, Telegram’s blockchain project gains ground in Africa

It was 2018 when privacy-focused messaging platform Telegram announced that it was in the process of building a blockchain-based decentralized computer network technology called The Open Network (TON).  However, following a lengthy litigation battle that lasted until May 2020 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission over its $1.7 billion initial coin offering (ICO), […]

From The Ground: The Bitcoin 2022 Conference In Tweets From The Protagonists

We’ve covered the Bitcoin 2022 conference from every possible angle. Except for this one. Our editor reported from the ground, and gave us a look at the art. We covered individual panels in-depth, like this one from Mr. Wonderful and this one from the activists. We even highlighted the good, the bad, and the ugly […]

Latest updates from the Cointelegraph team on the ground

Disclaimer: This article is updated all day long. All time codes are in the UTC time zone, updates in reverse order (the latest update is placed at the top). Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) hosts multiple thought leaders from the crypto and blockchain universe on its second day, and the Cointelegraph ground team is at […]

Latest updates from the Cointelegraph team on the ground

Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), a flagship European blockchain conference hosted at Palais Brongniart in Paris, started on Wednesday with an all-star cast. Fresh after announcing its French version, Cointelegraph has set up a team for the event to present the latest updates for the event in a real-time fashion.  The first day of event […]

Litecoin transactions near an all-time high after gaining ground in consumer finance

The number of Litecoin (LTC) transactions has rebounded to over 140,000 in recent days after falling close to the 100,000 mark in early October. Three days prior, the Litecoin Foundation tweeted about the launch of its LTC Visa ebit card, powered by fintech firm Unbanked.  According to the card’s homepage, potential customers would first register […]

Venezuela Is a Testing Ground For Digital Dollarization (and Zelle Doesn’t Like It)

J.P. Koning, a CoinDesk columnist, worked as an equity researcher at a Canadian brokerage firm and a financial writer at a large Canadian bank. He runs the popular Moneyness blog. Dollarization isn’t what it used to be.  When a local currency – lira, pesos, kwacha or whatnot – gets replaced by a foreign currency (almost always the […]

Set to Grow, India’s Crypto Industry Must First Toil Tough Ground

Over the past few months, India’s cryptocurrency market has continued to be in a constant state of flux. From crypto bans imposed by the country’s central bank to a historic ruling by its Supreme Court to lift that ban, for most onlookers it appears that India’s crypto market has experienced a rebirth. A recent industry […]