Binance’s NFT head adopted this implementation model during the platform’s creation

Attending and reporting from the two-day Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), Cointelegraph’s managing editor, Alex Cohen sat down with Helen Hai, head of Binance’s NFT platform for a candid discussion on the early inspirations for their NFT platform, as well as her vision for regulatory communication, among other topics. Citing the methods in which the […]

Monero price rises 20% after Atomic Swap implementation

Monero (XMR), the largest privacy-focused cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has posted a 20% price surge following the launch of the Atomic Swap implementation program last week. On Friday, the Monero Project officially announced a rollout of the Atomic Swap implementation developed by the cross-blockchain protocol COMIT Network, aiming to simplify trades between XMR and Bitcoin (BTC). […]

Regulator and Industry Coordination Key to Swift Implementation

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” — the words of Henry Ford give expression to the spirit of collaboration that defines human progress. His ethos around unity extends to many societal strands, including endeavors of profit, community initiatives and far-reaching government policies. When navigating uncharted territory, such […]

One-Man Crypto Company Crushed by Netherlands’ AMLD5 Implementation

Dutch Bitcoin (BTC) savings platform, Bittr, has decided to cease operations ahead of Holland’s introduction of the EU’s AMLD5 anti-money laundering, or AML, regulations. Bittr’s closure follows criticism of the Netherlands’ implementation of AMLD5 — reportedly resulting in crypto firms incurring greater fees than credit card companies and traditional trusts. Dutch AMLD5 Forces Closure of […]

Dutch AMLD5 Implementation Leaves Crypto-Companies Footing the Bill

The Dutch Ministry of Finance’s implementation of the European Union’s fifth anti-money laundering directive, or AMLD5, requires the country’s Central Bank to monitor its cryptocurrency industry. The cost of this supervision will be passed on to crypto-based businesses. A recent report suggests that these new compliance fees will be higher than those paid by traditional […]