Crypto gaining trust as investment, but still lagging behind other options: Bitstamp report

Global crypto exchange Bitstamp released its Crypto Pulse survey on Tuesday and concluded that both institutional and retail investors believe that crypto will overtake many traditional investment vehicles within a decade — specifically 8 out of 10, or 80%, of institutional respondents and 54% of retail investors. The survey also polled opinions on whether crypto will […]

Upbit owner Dunamu could see ‘monopoly’ curbed after investment controversy

The operator of South Korean crypto exchange Upbit, Dunamu, is facing pushback from regulators due to a controversial investment while authorities move to issue restrictions to stifle its monopolistic position. Dunamu’s total assets are valued at over over 10 trillion KRW ($8.06 billion) and Upbit controls an overwhelming 80% of the domestic trading volume. As […]

WonderFi Announces Strategic Investment in Bitbuy, First Approved Crypto Marketplace in Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia – December 3, 2021 – WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR)(OTC:WONDF) (the “Company” or “WonderFi”) today announced that it has made a strategic investment into First Ledger Corp., the parent company of Bitbuy Technologies Inc. (“Bitbuy”), Canada’s first approved crypto marketplace. “WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR)(OTC:WONDF)‘s strategic investment in Bitbuy, one of […]

What Elon Musk’s investment could mean for Twitter’s crypto plans

Whenever Elon Musk does something on Twitter, the crypto market moves in response. Publishing a tweet, changing his profile picture or adding “#Bitcoin” on his bio affects the markets — the latter even more so, sending Bitcoin (BTC) price up by 20%. This is why the community lies in anticipation of what Musk‘s Twitter investment […]

New $75M DeFi Fund Signals Big Investment in Blockchain

Decentral Park Capital, an early-stage investment firm, now with $140 million in assets under management, has launched a brand new $75 million fund to invest in DeFi initiatives. This fund aims to deploy funds to invest in decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, derivatives, structured products, oracles, staking, and middleware infrastructure. The money pouring into decentralized finance […]

Elon Musk’s Twitter investment puts a 150% rally into play for Dogecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) continues its rebound move four weeks after bottoming near $0.10 and is now promising more upside moves in Q2/2022. Dogecoin price nears two-month highs DOGE’s price had risen by nearly 6.5% week-to-date to $0.15 a token. The coin’s recent gains surfaced after Elon Musk disclosed his $3-billion stake in Twitter on April 4, […]

AAPL Stock Down 0,76%, Apple Looks to Boost Investment in Healthcare

Apple is going to deepen its investment in healthcare in order to realize its vision of making its greatest contributions in the industry. Meanwhile, AAPL stock is in the red. Healthcare is estimated to be a $3 trillion industry and the relevance of the healthcare sector became more pronounced with the COVID-19 outbreak. Established companies […]

$10M Investment From Tether Won’t Change Celsius’ Mission of Sharing

Tether (USDT) makes a $10 million equity investment in the crypto lending platform Celsius Network (CEL) at a $120 million pre-money valuation, bringing the post-money valuation to $150 million.  The company has raised $30 million in its first equity round. In 2018, Celsius completed a $50 million ICO. Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky told Cointelgraph that […]

FB Stock Up 0.17%, Facebook Supports Black-Owned Businesses with $200M Investment

The new Facebook’s initiative is a part of a $1.1 billion investment to support diverse suppliers and communities in the U.S. Following the announcement, FB stock is up. Tech giants are now fighting racial injustice. Earlier, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) promised to donate $100 million to foster racial equity, Google LLC (NASDAQ: GOOG) pledged $175 […]

11.4 M Bitcoin Held As Long Term Investment

According to Chainalysis, the vast majority of Bitcoin (BTC) is held as long term investment, with 60% held by licensed custodians. Breakdown of Bitcoin supply. Source: Chainalysis. Digital gold The company concluded that the breakdown of Bitcoin’s supply makes it similar to gold, supporting the asset’s status as digital gold. They clarify, however, that it […]