Ethereum Foundation Holds $1.3B in Ether, $300M in Non-Crypto Investments

Almost $1.29 billion was held in ether (ETH), the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. That represented over 0.297% of the total ether supply as of March 31. Some $11 million was held in other cryptocurrencies. The treasury also included about $300 million in non-crypto investments. The foundation did not return requests for details on […]

Crypto Firm MoonPay Receive Investments From Justin Beiber

Crypto payment platform MoonPay recently announced that it raised $87 million from about 60 A-list celebrities. The investors include singers like Justin Beiber and Snoop Dogg, tennis player Maria Sharapova and actors such as Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Through raising funds, MoonPay has attempted to expand the role of Non-fungible tokens by […]

NFT Investments PLC mulls £96M acquisition of Pluto Digital

On Friday, NFT Investments PLC, a U.K.-based blockchain firm that invests in companies operating in the nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, space, announced that it would no longer pursue a 96 million pound acquisition of Pluto Digital. Although it did not directly state its reasons for canceling the deal, NFT Investments wrote: “The company is well-positioned […]

WonderFi Announces Strategic Investments in Solana Ecosystem and FTX

Vancouver, British Columbia – November 8, 2021- WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR)(OTC:WONDF) (the “Company” or “WonderFi”) today announced its investment in the Solana ecosystem through the Incentive Ecosystem Foundation, which includes Solana and Serum as the two largest weighted assets. Solana is a high performance programmable blockchain capable of executing up to 50,000 transactions per […]

Paul Tudor Jones’ Bitcoin Investments “Not A Surprise” Former Soros Adviser Says

When macro investor Paul Tudor Jones, or PTJ, confirmed he was investing in Bitcoin, it sparked an uptick for the whole crypto market. Many crypto traders welcomed his surprise move, noting it was a change of the tide in the traditional sector.  Speaking at Cointelegraph Japan’s Traders Live on June 9th, Takeshi Fujimaki, a former […]

Blockchain Bites: Facebook’s Calibra Facelift and Tencent’s ‘New Infrastructure’ Investments

We’re happy to be back after a recharging long weekend. Let’s get to the news. India’s central bank has clarified its crypto stance, Tencent is looking to invest in “emerging technologies” including blockchain and Facebook’s digital wallet subsidiary announced a rebranding and new details. You’re reading Blockchain Bites, the daily roundup of the most pivotal stories […]

Grayscale Accumulates 34% of New BTC as Weekly Investments Tag $30 Million

Grayscale Investments, a crypto investment fund manager and subsidiary of Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, is estimated to have purchased up to one-third of all newly minted Bitcoin during the past three months amid the run-up to the block reward halving. The announcement comes as average weekly investments into Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust, or BIT, […]

Bitcoin Could Benefit from Increasing Investments in China from Global Funds, Here’s Why

Bitcoin investments in China could grow as global funds increase their exposure in Chinese equities in a significant capital reshuffling. The cryptocurrency eyes more demand as a V-shaped rebound in the Chinese economy seems unlikely per top analysts. History shows that unsettling economic conditions send Chinese investors to the safety of Bitcoin via stablecoin Tether. […]