Retail interest in crypto declines as investors search for the next big price mover

One of the main narratives of hope for cryptocurrency investors is that there will be a major shift in public perception that sparks a new wave of capital from retail and institutional traders.  Unfortunately for these hopeful bulls, data indicates that the opposite has occurred for nearly a year, a fact evidenced by the declining rate […]

First Mover Asia: Taiwan Chip Manufacturer TSMC Remains a Crypto Skeptic; Major Cryptos Decline

The company, which was burned during the last major bear market, did not mention crypto mining in its last earnings report; bitcoin loses its gains from the previous day. Source link

First Mover Asia: Crypto's Delicate Position in China, India; Bitcoin, Ether Rise

Both countries have ratcheted up regulation in recent months, creating a less nurturing environment for the crypto industry; most major cryptos were in the green in Wednesday trading. Source link