Crypto gaining trust as investment, but still lagging behind other options: Bitstamp report

Global crypto exchange Bitstamp released its Crypto Pulse survey on Tuesday and concluded that both institutional and retail investors believe that crypto will overtake many traditional investment vehicles within a decade — specifically 8 out of 10, or 80%, of institutional respondents and 54% of retail investors. The survey also polled opinions on whether crypto will […]

Crypto Traders Find Ether Options Attractive as ‘Implied Volatility’ Slides

Indeed, put-call skews, which measure the cost of puts relative to calls, show puts are drawing a higher price than calls across all time frames, including the six-month expiry. Traders have been buying outs off late. “We’ve also seen large demand for low delta [lower strike] puts, particularly in ETH, across the expiries out till […]

Crypto Options Traders Adopt New Strategies to Profit From DeFi-Led Volatility Gyrations

“In 2022, the Deribit Implied Volatility Index, a measure of implied volatility on BTC and ETH options, has trended lower into the auctions period,” Two Prime said. “For 100% of occurrences 4 to 7 hours leading up to the auction, volatility has fallen as short open interest pushes [options] premiums lower,” Two Prime said. Source […]

Here’s how Ether options traders could prepare for the proof-of-stake migration

Ethereum’s long-awaited transition away from proof-of-work (PoW) mining has recently suffered another delay and is expected to occur in the second half of 2022. Ethereum developer Tim Beiko stated on April 13 that “it won’t be June, but likely in the few months after. No firm date yet, but we’re definitely in the final chapter of […]

Bitcoin bulls need to reclaim $41K ahead of Friday’s $615M BTC options expiry

Over the past three months, Bitcoin’s (BTC) daily closing price fluctuated between $35,050 and $47,550, which is a 35.7% range. Although it might seem excessive, this is not unusual, especially considering BTC’s 68% historical annualized volatility.  Bitcoin/USD 1-day chart at Coinbase. Source: TradingView The relief rally that came after the April 11 dip below $40,000 […]

Bears have a $100M reason to keep Bitcoin price under $45K until Friday’s options expiry

Some analysts argue that Bitcoin (BTC) rallied too fast and too soon and the weakness that we see on April 7 is a result of that. Currently, a new COVID-19 variant has caused the Chinese government to implement severe restrictions on Shanghai and other major cities and persistent regulatory concerns continue to weigh down th […]

Interest in Ether Options Outpaces Bitcoin, Can Drive ETH to New Highs

Ether (ETH) options are having a fantastic year, with open interest on Deribit — the largest market for these options — having surged 315% to $158 million over the past two months, breaking the $150-million barrier for the first time ever.  Even though Ether first came about only to serve the users of the Ethereum […]

60% of Bitcoin Options Open Interest Expires in 6 Days; Will Fireworks Ensue?

The crypto market has continued extending its long-held consolidation phase, with this sideways trading largely coming about as a result of Bitcoin’s lack of momentum Analysts are now noting that it may persist further in the near-term, as there are no immediate catalysts for momentum One factor that could lend itself towards shifting this trend […]

Robinhood Plans to Improve Options Trading after User Commits Suicide

The free-trading and popular trading app platform Robinhood said that it is planning to introduce more security checks and eligibility requirements for higher-value options trading. One of the most popular stock trading applications in the U.S. – Robinhood – has recently been in news. Last week, the platforms 20-year-old customer Alex Kearns committed suicide citing […]