Degens can stake crypto to help the Ukrainian people

Laura K. Inamedinova is a marketing agency CEO from Lithuania who started early with ICOs, a journey that has led her to launch UkrainianPool, an initial staking pool offering raising money for the Ukrainian government. Inamedinova got into ICOs right out of university in 2016 and is shy to mention the name of the first […]

GBTC premium nears 2022 high as SEC faces call to approve Bitcoin ETF ‘people really want’

Things are looking up for the United States’ largest institutional Bitcoin (BTC) product by asset holdings as pressure mounts on regulators. Data from on-chain monitoring resource Coinglass confirms that as of April 21, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is rebounding toward 2022 highs. Grayscale CEO: “‘If’ not ‘when’” for U.S. Bitcoin spot ETF After a […]

‘People should invest in all of the major layer-1s,’ says a veteran trader

Scott Melker, veteran trader and pocaster, is convinced that major layer-1 protocols should be part of everyone’s investment portfolio. Instead of picking individual crypto projects, such as NFTs or blockchain games, Melker thinks it makes more sense to bet on the blockchain infrastructure on which these projects are built.  “Any of these small projects could […]

The People Speak: After El Salvador, How Long Until BTC Takes Over The World?

Here at Bitcoinist, we’re going to let the people speak. It’s been one week since the first country adopted bitcoin as legal tender and we’re already thinking about the hyperbitcoinization of the whole world. That’s enthusiasm for you. The fact that a sovereign country is exposed to bitcoin – the asset – in this way […]

15 People Plead Guilty in Bitcoin-Powered Fake Auctions Case

Fifteen people have pleaded guilty to involvement in an international syndicate that used fraudulent online auctions to dupe victims out of Bitcoin (BTC) according to the United States Department of Justice (DoJ). From at least December 2013, the syndicate used listings for non-existent goods on auction and sales websites to defraud victims, with the group […]

MRNA Stock Price Up 5%, Moderna to Test Vaccine on 30K People in July

Moderna (MRNA) stock price is climbing to its ATH of $69 again. Currently, the shares are trading at around $63. Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA) stock price is up over 5% now. Sources say that the company has revealed its intentions to test as many as 30,000 people in phase 3 of its mRNA 1273 vaccine […]

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic Gave People the Mandate of Independent Money

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to hit the brakes on economic activity, and in response, the United States Federal Reserve has introduced trillions of U.S. dollars to pay for the stimulus packages it’s giving away. Naturally, many people have jumped to inflation as the forgone conclusion. Proponents of Bitcoin (BTC) are excited about the […]

New Tipbot Uses Cryptocurrency to Incentivize People to Answer Questions

A new kind of cryptocurrency tipbot allows users to pay others to answer their questions on social media, providing a new tool to pool data in the ecosystem. Liser Lee of CCTip told Cointelegraph that the system can help drive engagement or generate expert commentary. It lets users create a Twitter poll and automatically pay […]

People Are Removing the Most Bitcoin From Exchanges Since 2018 Bottom

Bitcoin (BTC) is failing to retake $10,000 due to a fresh wave of miner selling, fresh data suggests ten days after the halving. Compiled by monitoring resource CryptoQuant, the figures show that over the past five days, combined outflows from BTC mining pools spiked 600% — from 1,066 BTC to 7,426 BTC on May 20.  […]