What promise does each presidential candidate hold for crypto?

As France braces for the April 24 presidential election in a runoff, political pundits around the globe are making their bets. The choice is between the centrist incumbent Emmanuel Macron and right-wing populist Marine Le Pen. Much of the political debate this time revolves around economics, but there is one indispensable part of it that […]

Blockchain Voting Will Determine Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Fate

Russia’s upcoming e-voting on the Constitutional amendments will be implemented using blockchain technology. Moscow citizens will be able to cast their votes on Vladimir Putin’s Constitutional amendments online via blockchain-powered e-voting. As announced on the Moscow government’s official website, Moscow voters can sign up for the upcoming e-voting starting from June 5. Blockchain makes voting […]

How the 2020 US Presidential Election May Be Keeping Bitcoin At Bay

The cryptocurrency community and even institutional investors are watching Bitcoin for a new long-term uptrend to begin. However, this may not occur until after the 2020 United States Presidential Election taking place in November of this year due to US-China FUD. Past crypto market cycle data shows breakouts don’t occur until after each US election. […]

Dow Jones Gains Over 770 Points, Stock Market Rally Continues, Sanders Quits Presidential Race

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is actively gaining today as well as many stocks on the market. Meanwhile, U.S. coronavirus cases have topped 400,000 The Dow Jones climbed nearly 800 points on Wednesday following Sanders’ decision to give up and quit his presidential campaign. Stock markets are also doing well today. Meanwhile, White House Health […]