OpenSea top-10 NFT projects soar as new liquidity enters the market

Spring is here and with it came a newfound awakening for nonfungible tokens (NFTs). In the last week of March, total sales volume rallied to $20 billion, but this metric took a dive from mid April to $17.6 billion.  However, on April 16, the newly landed Moonbirds NFT, pumped over $280 million worth of liquidity […]

A closer look at crypto projects that make the world a greener place

Earth Day, a 52-year-old tradition celebrated annually on April 22, provides an opportune moment for the world’s citizens to reflect upon their environmental progress, as well as rally support for political policy-making, cultural climate awareness and individual commitments to sustainability. The emergence of blockchain and Web3 has provided the core architecture for a structural remodeling […]

Russian central bank needs to ease up digital asset projects, governor says

The Russian central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina has admitted that the Bank of Russia might have taken a bit too tough a stance on digital assets and should look to reconsider that. On Thursday, the Russian State Duma re-appointed Nabiullina as Bank of Russia governor, marking the third time for her to take the post […]

India’s crypto tax forces budding crypto projects to move

India’s 30% crypto tax came into law on March 31 and was effective April 1, despite warnings from several stakeholders about its possible ill impact on the budding crypto industry.  As predicted, within just a couple of weeks of the new crypto tax law coming into effect, trading volume across major crypto exchanges dropped as […]

Optimism-based projects spike on rumors of token airdrop

The native token prices from multiple projects that employ Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Optimism have spiked around 20% amid rumors that the network will soon launch a token and airdrop it to the community. Optimism is a Layer 2 scaling solution that utilizes Optimistic rollups to process a high amount of transactions off the […]

400 new projects and 100K new wallets in a month on Cardano

Activity on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain is starting to heat up, with 400 new projects in the works, along with 100,000 new wallets being created over the past month. According to an April 19 Twitter post from Cardano creators Input Output (IOHK), there are nearly 900 projects in development on the network. The figure has […]

AC Milan launches NFT collection, Magic Eden accepts Solana projects’ tokens, and more

Italian professional soccer club AC Milan will be releasing its first-ever nonfungible token (NFT) project in collaboration with the BitMEX crypto exchange, with proceeds going to Fondazione Milan, the clubs’ charity arm. The limited-edition collection will feature 75,817 NFTs, a number representative of the capacity of the club’s home ground San Siro stadium, and will […]

Astar (ASTR) price doubles as the network prepares to add 15 new projects in April

Following the successful completion of its initial parachain auctions, the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem has begun to gain traction with the cryptocurrency community as the first chains begin to come online and integrate with Ethereum (ETH).  Astar (ASTR) is one such Polkadot-based project that finished off the month of March on a hot streak after the […]

The blockchain projects making renewable energy a reality – Cointelegraph Magazine

Much has been said about Bitcoin‘s carbon emissions. Far less has been said about the potential of blockchain to increase the efficiency of renewables by transparently managing supply and demand. Blockchain doesn‘t pose a threat to the planet — it’s going to play an essential role in helping to bring about a net-zero carbon emission […]