EU Tightens Noose Around Bitcoin Price To Protect Ethereum, Internal Documents Reveal

Bitcoin is the first mover, and for that reason alone, it will always be the king of cryptocurrencies. Every desperate attempt to kill the most sought-after crypto asset or claims of it being dead only seems to have made the crypto stronger and more resilient than ever. Every successful trader holds BTC. A beginner in […]

Crypto innovators of color restricted by the rules aimed to protect them – Cointelegraph Magazine

Historically, Black and Brown communities have had restricted access to opportunities for generational-wealth building. Crypto offers a chance to redress that balance… but an opaque mess of laws and regulations around crypto services and a prohibition on certain wealth-generation opportunities are standing in the way of that happening.  Controversial language in the United States’ recently […]

Redactions Granted in Telegram Case To Protect ICO Participants

A U.S. District Judge has approved the majority of redaction requests received during the proceedings surrounding the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against messaging firm Telegram over its $1.7 billion initial coin offering (ICO). The SEC took action against Telegram in October 2019, filing a temporary restraining order barring Telegram from distributing its tokens. […]

MIT Research Says Online Voting Needs More Decentralization to Protect Ballots

The pandemic has forced many companies to move their operations online. It has also brought the question of online voting to the forefront of conversation in the United States, which is facing an election year.  According to a June 7 paper from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Michigan, Democracy Live’s […]

Look to Design, Not Laws, to Protect Privacy in the Surveillance Age

Raullen Chai is the co-founder of IoTeX, a Silicon Valley company building the Internet of Trusted Things with blockchain-powered smart devices that protect privacy. Cameras, thermostats, virtual assistants and other smart devices are being installed in our homes at a blistering rate – in 2020, a new smart bulb will be installed in the world […]

Italian Govt Commits €15M to Protect ‘Made in Italy’ With Blockchain

Counterfeit “Made in Italy” products are sold in marketplaces around the world. The Italian government is now fighting back against these knockoffs by investing €15 million ($16.2 million) towards the development of a blockchain-based solution. According to a new report by dGen, counterfeits of the “Made in Italy” label caused a loss of €12.4 billion […]

Can Central Bank Digital Currencies Protect Individual Privacy?

Crypto industry leaders and law experts debated the privacy implications of central bank digital currencies, known as CBDCs, during the “Money Re-Imagined” panel as part of Consensus:Distributed on Monday. Lawrence Summers, the former United States treasury secretary and former chief economist of the World Bank, argued that the current fiat monetary system exhibits issues of too much privacy, […]