Upcoming airdrop and boosted staking rewards send Origin Protocol (OGN) price higher

Stablecoin minting and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have been the latest trending topics in the cryptocurrency market and protocols like Terra (LUNA) have led the discussion on why stablecoins should be backed by assets like Bitcoin and Avalanche (AVAX).  One project that appears to be following Terra’s lead is Origin Protocol (OGN), a platform focused on […]

xASTRO staking and upcoming ‘Terra wars’ send Astroport price to new highs

Projects that launch on up-and-coming blockchain networks can often benefit from a low competition environment that allows them to attract  new users and liquidity at a faster rate than crowded networks like Ethereum.  A recent example of this is Astroport (ASTRO), an automated market maker (AMM) on the Terra (LUNA) network that has seen an […]

Taro, Issue & Send Any Asset Through Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Do We Need It?

The Taro protocol is the first big announcement to come out of the Bitcoin 2022 conference. With “bitcoinizing the dollar” as its target and Lightning Labs behind it, the news blew up in Bitcoin-Twitter after being strategically released the night before the event of the year kicks off. Nevertheless, notice that Taro is just a […]

User Pays $500k Fee to Send 3,200 ETH

Yesterday, the Ethereum blockchain saw two suspicious transactions: a single, unmarked address unknown by the crypto public sent two transactions both with a transaction fee of 10,668 ETH during a 16-hour time span. The first transaction, which cost $2.5 million, sent $130 of value. And the second, which also cost $2.5 million, sent $87,000 worth […]

Holding Above This Key Level Could Send Bitcoin to $14,000; Will This Happen?

Bitcoin’s consolidation phase has muddied the clarity that many investors had regarding the strength of its uptrend Because the resistance that has been laced just above BTC’s current price has proven to be insurmountable, it remains unclear as to what could push the crypto past this level Analysts still believe that the crypto’s outlook could […]

Analyst Predicts Next Bull Run Will Send Bitcoin to $150K and Ether to $9K

The co-founder of cryptocurrency analysis company Blockfyre believes that a bull run will return, propelling Bitcoin (BTC) to a price of $150,000. In a tweet on June 4, Simon Dedic suggested that these gains will not be reflected across the entire cryptocurrency market, although the more solid altcoins should also see impressive price action. No […]

This Chilling Global Trade War Warning Could Send Bitcoin Demand Higher

Bitcoin is eyeing significant growth in the year 2020 as global economies form a unified front against China over its failure to handle the coronavirus outbreak. Veteran investor David Sokulsky warned that escalating tensions would begin a trade war much worse than the one between Beijing and Washington. The prediction raised opportunities for Bitcoin to […]