STEPN impersonators stealing users’ seed phrases, warn security experts

Peckshield, a prominent blockchain security firm, exposed the existence of numerous phishing websites for the Web3 lifestyle app STEPN on Monday. Hackers insert a forged MetaMask browser plugin through which they can steal seed phrases from unsuspecting STEPN users, according to Peckshield. When these cybercriminals obtain the seed phrase, they gain complete control over the […]

Illegal Crypto Miner Caught After Stealing More Than $400K of Electricity

Police arrested a resident in Makhachkala, Russia, on June 9, who allegedly created an illegal massive crypto-mining structure that connects around 500 platforms to the local power supply network. According to the June 6 announcement from local authorities, the 30-year-old crypto miner established a mining scheme that caused economic damage to the state power grid […]