How to store Bitcoin on MetaMask?

MetaMask is a well-known wallet for Ethereum-enabled distributed applications (dApps). But can MetaMask hold Bitcoin (BTC), which remains the largest cryptocurrency? For many crypto investors, Bitcoin is an important part of their portfolio. Besides being an investment asset, Bitcoin can also be used as a payment method. Thanks to wallets such as MetaMask, paying via […]

Crypto For Sandwich And Fuel: Aussie Convenience Store Giant To Enable Crypto Payment At 170 Branches

By the middle of this year, Australians will be able to pay with crypto at service stations and convenience stores in South Australia, as private enterprises warily embrace digital currency payments. According to The Australian, On The Run (OTR), a prominent convenience store chain, will soon permit payment in Bitcoin and other digital currencies to […]

Cyprus Hospital Ready to Store COVID-19 Test Results on Blockchain

Blockchain tracking platform VeChain announced on Twitter on June 20 that its blockchain-based medical data management platform co-developed with digital healthcare solution firm I-Dante has gone live and will store COVID-19 testing results. The platform, dubbed E-NewHealthLife, was deployed in the Mediterranean Hospital in the Republic of Cyprus. Cyprus citizens who go to the hospital’s […]

Osho Jha: Staking Will Turn Ethereum Into a True Store of Value

Osho Jha is an investor, data scientist and tech company executive who enjoys finding and analyzing unique data sets for investing in both public and private markets.  With the halving capturing the attention of most investors in the cryptocurrency space as well as some mainstream press, the changes at Ethereum have gone largely unnoticed in […]

Store Coupons are a Great Example of Enterprise Blockchain Usage

After talking about Hedera’s Consensus-as-a-Service model in the first part of Cointelegraph’s interview, Hedera CEO Mance Harmon mentioned one specific use case of enterprise blockchain to organize industry cooperation. Like with public blockchains, enterprise-based solutions are a way of coordinating participants of an ecosystem who cannot rely on trusting each other.  When asked about specific […]

Bicoin is a Better Store of Value as Gold’s Correlation With S&P 500 Rises to 18-Month High

Bitcoin rallied from $3,800 to $10,000 in two months of volatile trading. The maligned cryptocurrency outperformed its hedging rival Gold on a year-to-date timeframe. Gold underperforms as its correlation with the S&P 500 index grows to an 18-month high. Last week, bitcoin closed above $10,000 almost two months after crashing to below $4,000 in a […]

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets – A Key Step – Different Ways To Store Your Cryptocurrency Securely

A key step in crypto. Get your wallet today and make sure your secure, it’s straight forward and only takes a few minutes. Transfer Bitcoin and Crypto from a … source