Ethereum scaling solution Optimism upgrades governance structure

The Optimism Foundation has unveiled a new governance structure and token as part of its ongoing efforts to bring scalability and cost efficiency to Ethereum (ETH), the world’s largest smart contract platform.  The “Optimism Collective” was introduced Tuesday afternoon in a lengthy post that outlined its mission and governance mandate. Described as a “large-scale experiment […]

Structure to Develop Mobile App to Drive DeFi Adoption

Global trading platform Structure, which aims to facilitate crypto-based lending and investing for mobile users, just raised $20 million from investors and from a private sale of its digital currency $STXR. The company will offer decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto-denominated lending outside of traditional banking, as well as investing in tokenized assets, digital versions of assets […]

Bitcoin price drops to $43.5K, but data and BTC’s market structure project strength

Bitcoin (BTC) has been struggling to break the $47,000 resistance and even with April 6’s drop below $44,000, there is still mounting evidence that the market structure is healthy.  On Dec. 3, 2021, Bitcoin initiated a 25.6% correction that lasted 18 hours and culminated with a $42,360 low. Four months later, the price remained 18% […]

Ethereum Taps a “Structure Defining” Level as Traders Foresee Major Downside

Ethereum’s recent decline has led it down to $200 as it continues underperforming both Bitcoin and many of its other peers Analysts are now noting that the crypto is trading at a “structure defining” level Its technical weakness may be enough to define its market structure as being bearish, thus catalyzing further near-term losses Ethereum […]

Bitcoin‘s Market Structure Showing Similarities to 2020 Top

Throughout the past day Bitcoin has faced multiple rejections at $7,200, with this further confirming that the resistance established within the lower-$7,000 has not degraded despite bull’s recent strength. If buyers continue struggling to surmount this level, another rejection here could tip the scales back into bears favor, potentially leading the crypto significantly lower. This […]