Ethereum Optimism Unveils Token With Entire Airdrop Season

Ethereum scalability solution Optimism revealed their governance token, called OP. This will mark the beginning of a transformation process for the Optimism ecosystem. It aims and providing users with more power with a unique governance system. Related Reading | Bitcoin Beneath Key Support Level; What’s Next? Control via two entities, the Citizens’ House and the Token […]

Slovenia Unveils Plan for Flat Tax on Crypto Transactions

The proposed tax, which is part of the government’s post-COVID recovery plan, would be due when virtual currencies are sold or exchanged, and would be set at an effective rate of just under 5%. The goal is to help “debureaucratize” and simplify the current system, and improve Slovenia’s competitive position as crypto markets take off, […]

Canaan Unveils Bitcoin Mining Machine, Sees Speedier ASIC Market Growth

Another aspect of players like Intel coming into the industry, said Lu, is it will make the ASIC manufacturing market more competitive and will incentivize the incumbents to invest additional sums. “I think with Intel’s coming in, Canaan and all the other peers in this industry should be well prepared for such competition, in terms […]

Mayor unveils ‘Miami Bull’ statue with laser eyes to kick off Bitcoin 2022

To mark the opening of the Bitcoin 2022 conference, Miami mayor Francis Suarez unveiled a laser-eyed bull statue meant to symbolize Miami becoming the self-proclaimed “world’s capital of crypto.” The statue is a 3,000-pound robotic-looking bull fashioned in the same vein as the Charging Bull of Wall Street according to the official website. The statue […]

F Stock Up 2%, Ford Unveils 2021 Mustang Mach 1 for Global Auto Market

Ford is going to offer its fans a new Mustang Mach 1. The company’s stock has positively reacted to this news. Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is reviving its Mustang Mach 1 which first came into service in 1969. According to a release by the company on Tuesday, the new 5-liter V8 model which was […]

Japanese Firm Unveils New Privacy Feature For Bitcoin Wallets

Japanese crypto firm Freessets has announced a new technology to enhance Bitcoin wallet (BTC) privacy. According to a June 8 announcement, Freessets has created a system that allows wallets to request their addresses’ Bitcoin balances without revealing it to the servers from which they request the balances or transaction history. The statement said that conventional […]

European Commission Unveils Plans for 750B Euro Fund to Support EU

The 750 billion euros EU recovery fund is said to include 500 billion euros in grants and 250 billion euros in loans. The European Commission revealed its plans for a 750 billion euro ($826.5 billion) recovery fund as the whole EU region faces the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. The plan is to borrow […]

Square Unveils Bitcoin Auto Payments Tool

A mobile subsidiary of Jack Dorsey’s payments company Square now allows users to make automatic purchases of bitcoin. Dorsey said on Twitter – that other company he runs – that Cash App had, from Monday, enabled automatic purchases of bitcoin at regular intervals, such as daily, weekly, or fortnightly. Although there’s a minimum $10 purchase, […]

CoinMarketCap Unveils Metric for Crypto Exchanges Based on Web Traffic

CoinMarketCap has tweaked its crypto ranking metric seen as a move to empower users with the necessary tools for making informed decisions while selecting their trading platforms. Crypto markets data aggregation has remained a tricky task and continues to remain so even for the world’s largest crypto data aggregator CoinMarketCap. As per the latest announcement, […]